We Invest in the Future. Make it Yours.


Soaring Eagle Investments is a family office that invests in private businesses.  We have a long history of investing in and growing private businesses.  Our family wants to help your family.  Whether your wish is to take cash out of your business to diversify your investments, increase its capital so it can grow or acquire a competitor, or sell a portion or all of your business, we could be a help.   We want you to know that we are very flexible and creative in our approach and can customize our approach to fit your needs.

At Soaring Eagle, we invest in businesses like yours-America’s family owned, small and middle market businesses.  We keep an eagle eye on the business landscape so we know how to help your business grow.  We don’t invest with a plan to sell the business in a few short years. We invest our own money and hold businesses long-term, take them under our wing and help them soar to new heights.  We want to maintain the characteristics that made your business great, and partner with you to make it even better.

We have an old school approach to helping business owners diversify their wealth.  Our approach is much softer and friendlier than the private equity firms that typically borrow most of the purchase price and plan on selling it in 2 to 5 years.  We care about the reputation of the business you built and are rightfully very proud of, and we care about what happens to the loyal employees that work in it.  Our approach results in a far faster and better experience completing the transaction and far happier founder and employees after the transaction is completed.  


We understand the risks and challenges small business owners face. We also understand the expectations placed upon owners of businesses, particularly as they position those businesses for transition.


We believe that building a business takes time.  Our investment philosophy is to identify businesses to buy and hold for the long-term. We seek to become long-term partners with family business owners, management teams, and exceptional CEOs. We believe we have the resources and skills necessary for this task: our unique time horizon, our capital base, our culture, our approach to partnering, our experience, our intellectual resources all reinforce our mission of being the best partner possible.


We invite you to tour this website to find out why you should consider contacting us about selling the business you’ve built. Together, we can watch it soar.

Our Values

At Soaring Eagle, we understand the importance of structuring potential transactions to benefit business owners. Each business we buy remains independent and autonomous. We focus on growing within your local community and maintaining relationships with the professional service providers...